Jordan Open Innovation Platform (JOIP):

The Jordan Open Innovation Platform (JOIP) represents an online platform that is the first of its kind in Jordan and the MENA region. It collects all Innovation activities and connects the innovation ecosystem stakeholders within a Cloud-based (PaaS) Platform as a Service by collecting data and information related to innovation from internationally authenticated and verified sources and databases, exchange ideas and experiences, share knowledge, and activate a greater cooperation between science, technology and innovation (STI).
JOIP also contributes to providing online services by facilitating access to information and creating opportunities for partnership and networking among public and private sector institutions, universities, research centres, business accelerators and incubators, researchers, experts, and other innovators with local, regional and international funders to support national innovation.

The Jordan Open Innovation Platform (JOIP) will provide the following services:

Data Clearinghouse:

This is achieved through creating, managing, governance and developing databases for Jordan innovation ecosystem to include Jordanian researchers and experts in universities, research centers, support funds, government institutions, companies and others. The information and data are synchronized simultaneously to form the main source for dynamic statistics and quantitative and qualitative performance indicators related to innovation activities through the following:
● National ID number for individuals (JRIN - Jordan Research Identification Number) and organizations (JOIN Jordan Organization Identification Number) linked to internationally authenticated and verified sources and databases.
● A profile page for Jordanian researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs, containing their CVs, researches, statistics ... etc.
● A profile page for the organizations concerned with innovation and individuals who work with them, which contains all the information of the organization, as well as the projects and researches that have contributed to.
● A forum that allows stakeholders within JOIP to present and discuss all matters and topics related to research, development and innovation.
● Share JOIP posts with social media platforms.
● JOIP Leader Board for users, updated regularly, aiming to encourage them to participate in innovation activities to increase their chances in networking, funding and partnership.
● Provision of information and data related to the innovation ecosystem in Jordan through different visualization tools (Data Clearinghouse).

Referral & Matchmaking:

To build partnerships between the public and private sectors by connecting academic institutions, research centers, researchers, entrepreneurs, business incubators and accelerators by guiding them about the market requirements, as well as local, regional and international donors and funders through:
● Connecting the stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem through JOIP, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that work based on specialization, field of research, … etc.
● Allowing stakeholders to benefit from the referrals to increase their opportunities for cooperation and partnerships.
● Connecting with the local, regional and international donors and funding agencies, knowing their conditions, and how to apply for them.
● Creating opportunities to commercialize research and innovation ideas among researchers and organizations, leading to a knowledge-based economy depending on innovation to achieve sustainable development.

Monitoring & Evaluation:

To evaluate the innovation ecosystem according to international standards by designing measurement, metrics, KPI’s and performance tools to calculate the innovation indicators that will be activated accurately on JOIP in a way that will positively affect the national economy through:
● National and international KPI’s.
● Information related to indicators through different visualizing tools.
● Calculation of performance indicators and quantitative and qualitative measurement of development activities.
● Issuing reports and recommendations about gaps in the innovation ecosystem, and providing decision-makers with recommendations.
● Coordination with the global indicator’s owners for the exchange of data and information within JOIP.

Surveying Tool:

To conduct surveys and studies by the NCI to come up with the policies and strategies that support the Jordanian innovation ecosystem. To allow JOIP users to communicate to conduct the necessary surveys and studies in a scientific and practical way.

Grants Management:

This is accomplished through funding application, reception, review, and follow-up of grant applications. This enables the donors and funders to build and manage the grant workflow program in accordance with their policies and regulations and not to commit them to a fixed application model.

Reform advisory:

To study the legal obstacles that face the innovation ecosystem, evaluate the law enforcement, find solutions for the problems that hinder the harnessing of innovation for development purposes, provide legislative expertise (Ombudsman), and advise and consult the government and the private sector in all areas of innovation to reach the enabling environment.